3rd Wadah Global Gathering

March 22-23, 2018
Jakarta, Indonesia

Wadah Global Gathering ke-3, yang diadakan pada 22-23 Maret 2018, adalah tentang para pemimpin perempuan yang telah bekerja dengan berani dan tanpa lelah untuk mengatasi tantangan yang dihadapi masyarakat, budaya, dan komunitas mereka.

This Wadah Global Gathering hoped to give a platform for women from across the globe to have a voice and for it to be heard. Our audience of influential, forward-thinking humanitarians have the power to motivate not only people, but nations, to take action.

Wadah believes that we are all vitally connected–the land, the people, all living things–a holistic worldview that focuses on our intrinsic connections, as well as those of our ancestors. It was a great opportunity to be a part of the unfolding of history for these amazing women from Haiti, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia and we learned how their small deeds can help the world achieve its 2030 Global Goals.

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