Wadah Succesfully Organized Second VEST Program

Participants and facilitators of VEST 2 took group photo at Eden Hotel, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta

Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan or Wadah Foundation has successfully conducted  the second Volunteers’ Enrichment and Strengthening Program (VEST) on 27-30 October 2014 in Wisma Eden, Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. The first VEST was held  in Blimbingsari, Bali on 26-29 August 2013, attended by around 85 participants. The second VEST was attended by 114 participants from around the country including North Sumatra, greater Jakarta, West Java, East Nusatenggara or NTT, Yogyakarta and Ambarawa in Central Java.

This program was initiated by Wadah to empower the volunteers where each participant was encouraged to share and exchange ideas, experiences and information about the activities and services in their own communities. Wadah hopes that all the participants would be highly motivated to serve their respective communities after attending the VEST program.

The second VEST program was made even more enriching with the sharing session by the Solar Grandmamas who attended an intensive six-month training in Barefoot College, India and with site visitations to various communities in Yogyakarta. These additions to the VEST program were very much appreciated and enjoyed by all the participants as they offered a brand new perspective to all the attendees which can not be gained elsewhere.

Wadah Board of Advisors – Ms. Janti Notowidigdo, Ms. Dewi Djarot, Ms. Yekti Suradji and Ms. Tuti Mashuri were present and in full support of the program, together with some Friends of Wadah – Ms. Adila Suwarno, Ms. Yanti B and Ms. Tina Ferreros of Wadah Philippines.

Author: Robby Reppa


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