Wadah Organizes Second Level of Training for PAUD’s Tutors

Training for PAUD Tutors

Wadah Foundation (Wadah) conducted the second level of training for the PAUD’s tutors from 25th to 27th June 2013 at the Wadah office. There were 22 participants, tutors and coordinators from 6 Wadah communities.

It is the second of the four series of training for PAUD’s tutors from basic to advanced level.  Resource persons remain to be Dr. Lilis Suryani and 7 other facilitators from PAUD Consultant “Bintang Rohman.”

In this second level of the training, the participants got to experience more practical exercises – singing, storytelling and creating learning materials from simple items.

Dr. Lilis and her team found that there was an improvement in the tutors’ method of teaching as well as their interaction with the children at the PAUD compared to their condition prior to the training.

It is expected that this second training would help the tutors be more confident, professional and creative in teaching and dealing with the children.


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