Upholding Commitment in Realizing Aspirations Towards Becoming Qualified, Proficient, and Accountable Individuals

Wadah Foundation held its 2022 National Meeting in Panchoran, Ubud, Bali on 15-19 August 2022. The National Meeting’s purpose stayed true to the objectives of the organization – to produce community leaders who are qualified, proficient, and accountable in their respective specialties.

Joined by 34 Wadah staff and management, the National Meeting was opened with a Welcome Dinner and a sharing session from Rahayu Saraswati Djojohadikusumo which was a great preamble to the week-long activity that gathered all Wadah staff from the head office and the regional offices of Yogyakarta, Kupang-Koa, Sikka, and Ambon. The sharing session by Rahayu Saraswati centered on the theme “Becoming Resilient and Excellent Individuals,” which aimed to motivate each person present at the event. Rahayu Saraswati shared her unique life experiences that have led her to become a resilient and more qualified individual. 

The second day of the event was just as interesting. During the opening ceremony, Mrs. Anie Hashim Djojohadikusumo as the Chairperson of Wadah Foundation encouraged each participant to draw up their aspirations and commitments that align with the objectives of Wadah Foundation. This was the main topic discussed in depth by the 5 groups formed in each of their sessions to eventually formulate their individual commitments that would be carried out after the conclusion of the National Meeting.

On the third day, as a breather from the serious discussions of the previous day, exciting games and competitions were held in celebration of the Independence Day of Indonesia (17 Aug) to build a great sense of nationalism. Despite rain and inclement weather in Ubud, the fighting spirit of the participants did not wane. The competitions held were aimed to not only serve as a bonding activity and to celebrate the 17th of August but also to encourage the participants to get to know each other better, strengthen kinship and build great teamwork. The enthusiastic cheers of the participants, team cohesiveness, and their cheerful faces adorned the activities on the third day.

The fourth day allowed the participants to visit Tanah Lot, a famous tourist spot in Bali, and Segara Village, thus allowing them to create fond memories and find tranquility by enjoying their time by the beach. 

The National Meeting culminated on the fifth day with each team’s presentation showing the results of their group discussions as well as solidifying their commitments to fulfilling their personal programs responsibly. During the presentation session, Mrs. Anie also emphasized her commitment to always provide the support needed by each individual to help them realize their respective goals. Stating her observation on the dynamics of the National Meeting, Nata, a staff from Wadah Regional Home in Koa said that “kinship in Wadah is strong and each participant complements each other in supporting personal goals.”

Author: Ni Luh Devi Kusumawati

Editor: Paula Stela Landowero


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