With the community growth in mind, WADAH conducts various programs and activities in its supported communities.
Kartini Preschool Cibodas - West Java
Assisted Learning Class Cibodas Community - West Java
Assisted Learning Class Mutiara Abadi Community - Yogyakarta
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Education is the foundation in raising awareness to becoming a trained, skilled and trustworthy individual.
With formal education, Wadah facilitates third parties in providing scholarships to those assisted by Wadah in elementary, middle school, high school and college levels.
For non-formal education, Wadah assists pre-schools, assisted-learning classes and conducts various trainings.


Wadah Foundation supports individuals and groups involved in Health Centers and Health Service Centers to help promote awareness in healthy and clean lifestyle as well as to develop skills related to health programs.

Through this, it is expected that the said individuals and groups would be instrumental in helping their families and communities in healthy living.

Covid Sharing Activity with MSF Kampung Beting Community- Jakarta
Assistance for Pregnant Women at the Wiwied Midwife Clinic, Cibodas Community - West Java
Posyandu Activity Koa - NTT
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Sewing Activity Kampung Beting Community - Jakarta
Agricultural Activity Cibodas Community - West Java
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Economic Empowerment

Wadah Foundation assists individuals and families to be trained and skilled in managing their own potentials in order for them to become strong, empowered and dignified.