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Solar Mamas: Ready To Become Agents of Change

Ten (10) women - Maria Mau, Elisabeth Tuwa, Agustina Bedha, Lidvina Dhaja, Petronela Ngeri, Wigberta Mbepa, Kristina Pai, Dominatris Suwo, Maria Hendrika Tea, and Hermina Dhongo – who hail from the villages of Tedamude, Tedakisa, Rendubutowe,...

Upholding Commitment in Realizing Aspirations Towards Becoming Qualified, Proficient, and Accountable Individuals
Miscellaneous 08/09/2022

     Wadah Foundation held its 2022 National Meeting in Panchoran, Ubud, Bali on 1...

Wadah Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary
Miscellaneous 17/02/2022

On 25 January 2022, Wadah Foundation reached its 14th year of service. An age that is considered...

Read the Latest Wadah Chronicles Wherever You Are
Miscellaneous 24/09/2021

Why not read the latest Wadah Chronicles while sipping your favorite coffee or tea? While taking...

Dreams Do Come True - A Health Center Inaugurated in Lombok
Health 13/08/2021

On 16 July 2021, the “Praktek Mandiri” health center in Lombok was officially inaugurated. It has be...