Koa Villagers Work Together to Construct a Preschool Building

For 2 weeks, the residents of Koa Village have been working together to build fences and lopo (a type of traditional house) in the area where the preschool building of Monit Fe’u is being constructed. Since Koa Village is considered a “green zone” (no cases of COVID19), the residents were allowed to gather while maintaining social distancing. Six neighborhoods were responsible for erecting fences around the school building; neighborhood representatives were assigned 30 meters each. Six other neighborhoods were responsible for building the lopo (a traditional cottage native to Timor) in the school yard. 

On Friday, 24 July 2020, the construction of fences around the school building and lopo was finished. The local officials of the Koa Village were also in full support. The residents worked together to finish the construction of the fences and lopo with full of joy and thanks to God, for it won’t be long now, the school building funded by Friends of Wadah from the Bali Event last September 2019, will finally be completed. 

The residents are eager to participate in any way they can, no matter how small a contribution it may be. The community effort of the parents of the students as well as of the whole village in constructing the preschool building of Monit Fe’u is a historical moment to remember, for it is in this school building, the younger generation of Koa will be nurtured. They will become the hope to lift the village of Koa to rise from its current state.


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