Inauguration of the Monit Fe’u Preschool Building

On December 19, 2020, the Monit Fe’u Preschool Building was inaugurated and officially turned over to the local government and villagers in Fatuliman, Koa. Due to the pandemic, however, the inauguration of the Monit Fe’u Preschool Building had to be done virtually.


Back in September 2019, Friends of Wadah aimed to raise funds for the construction of the Monit Fe’u Preschool Building through a fundraising activity – “The Bali Event.” It was a fun night where friends and colleagues of Wadah showed their support and solidarity by participating in the activities of the event which yielded great results in achieving even beyond the targeted goal. The construction of the preschool building was started in June 2020 after waiting for the rainy season to pass and due to the delays caused by the onset of the pandemic. Despite the circumstances and the difficulties faced, the construction was completed successfully. 


The virtual inauguration, held on Saturday, 19 December 2020, was attended by Friends of Wadah from different parts of the world through a Zoom Meeting together with the Wadah Foundation staff, Patron of Wadah, Mr. Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Founder and President, Mrs. Anie H. Djojohadikusumo, and other supporters of Wadah Foundation. It was a great opportunity for guests residing in different parts of Indonesia and abroad to witness the inauguration despite being far apart from each other thanks to such technology.

At the Monit Fe’u Preschool building, the people of Fatuliman gathered to witness the momentous occasion, led by the Wadah Foundation staff from Koa, Nata da Silva, Fheby Khune; Wadah Kupang staff Nina Sarmiento and Rahmi with guidance from Mr. Florencio Mario Vieira. The event was attended by no less than 200 residents as it was a significant event for the whole village and the preschool building was a source of pride for everyone in Fatuliman.

Wadah Kupang and Koa with the preschool children

The program started with the singing of the Indonesian National anthem, prayer and brief welcome remarks by the Wadah Foundation Secretary-General, Paula Landowero. A short video was presented showcasing the Bali Event and Fatuliman hamlet prior to the construction of the school building. It was followed by a message delivered by the Koa Village head, Mr. Yustus Bani and Friend of Wadah, Jane Hawkins. Thereafter, the Sub-district Head of Mollo Barat, Mr. Johanes Nuban, who represented the Regent and Vice-Regent of Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS), addressed the audience. Wadah Patron, Mr. Hashim Djojohadikusumo, gave his speech thanking everyone for making the inauguration possible despite all the limitations. He also acknowledged in his speech the enormous assistance and support given by some distinct friends of Wadah such as Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chen of Diamond Cold Storage and Mr. Michael Szarata of M&M Catering for their generous donations propelling the funds raised for the construction of the Monit Fe’u Preschool. 

What was initially simply a dream has now turned into something concrete and real in the form of a preschool building that would be a center for learning for the children in Fatuliman, where they too, would hope to turn their dreams into a reality in the future. 


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