Impact of Wadah Assistance: Towards an Empowered and Dignified Society

Wadah Foundation, a non-governmental organization, adheres to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards. For the past sixteen years, Wadah has been empowering its assisted communities through holistic approaches in education, health, and economic strengthening. Their programs include support for PAUD (pre-school) teachers, learning assistance, Posyandu Balita (child health posts), Posyandu Remaja (adolescent health posts), Posyandu Lansia (elderly health posts), solar electricity training, Joint Business Savings and Loan (UBSP), and empowerment initiatives for Mama Tenun and other business actors. Additionally, Wadah Foundation has implemented the Wadah Universal Education Initiative in two pilot projects (Ambon and North Jakarta) to realize their vision of creating an empowered and dignified society.

Yayasan Wadah employs a community development method, emphasizing a people-centered approach strategy. Each individual receives emotional support, access to facilities, and opportunities to become agents of change within the community. Yayasan Wadah actively engages with the community, identifying and nurturing existing potential (community involvement), enhancing community participation, fostering a sense of belonging, and ensuring the sustainability of programs and their impact in the assisted communities.

To determine the effectiveness of the mentoring programme, the positive changes experienced, and the impact of the programme on improving the quality of life of the community, Yayasan Wadah conducted an impact evaluation survey in 18 communities located in Sikka, Nagekeo, Ambon, as well as in Ternate and surrounding areas. The impact survey used quantitative methods where data collection was carried out through distributing questionnaires distributed to 399 beneficiaries representing all beneficiaries, as well as qualitative methods through in-depth interviews conducted with beneficiaries, cadres, stakeholders/government. Then the data obtained was analysed and validated through data triangulation techniques from the interviewed informants.

The survey results demonstrate that Wadah Foundation’s mentoring work has had a significant impact on the beneficiaries in the Community. The impact is seen in the improvement of the beneficiaries’ quality of life where there is an increase in knowledge, skills, behaviour, health, and economy in the community through Wadah’s services in education, health and economic strengthening through increased knowledge, skills, positive behavior, better health, and economic empowerment. The impact survey shows that the empowering mentoring programme has been effective in achieving Wadah Foundation’s objectives.

The assistance provided by Wadah has succeeded in making someone who only graduated from elementary school or even did not go to school become a Paud scholar, children get education scholarships, feel the light through LTS lamps, increased income due to UBSP and financial recording training, experience posyandu services and PHBS socialisation services, built road access, experience learning in a comfortable place, experience a comfortable community gathering place, get adequate education facilities, and gain access to government programs. Some have even been assisted with businesses, such as kiosks or health clinics, and are now self-sufficient. Most of these people have backgrounds that are not as fortunate as others, but the presence of Wadah makes them empowered and dignified (zero to hero).

Tini from Ternate said: “Wadah has succeeded in making me reach a better condition through intense mentoring for approximately 3 years. Wadah instilled morals and touched my heart so that what Wadah taught me I have never forgotten and will always remember and apply to my life and my environment”.

Similarly, Emilianus Nusa from Tedamude, Nagekeo stated: “During the use of LTS my children can study at night, and some of them get good results in school”.

Maranting from Wuring Lembah, Sikka also stated: “With my increased knowledge and skills in managing finances, I can save money, and open a business so that my income increases. Being a member of UBSP allows me to send my children to school, develop my business and have money for my daily needs”.

Inspiration testimonials from beneficiaries like Tini and others highlight the impact of Wadah’s empowerment through programmes in education, health, and economic strengthening is effective and sustainable, where active participation has been built in the beneficiaries to move independently and improve their quality of life towards an empowered and dignified society.

Author: Wahyuning Dwi Ndraha
Editor: Paula Stela Nova Landowero


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