Wadah Organizes VEST Program in Bali

A warm welcome from the Blimbingsari Tourism team

Wadah Foundation (Wadah) held its first Volunteers Enrichment and Strengthening (VEST) Program from August 26-29, 2013  in Blimbingsari Village, Melaya, Jembrana, Bali.

The VEST program, which is the first of its kind organized by Wadah,  was attended by 85 participants from various communities in Ambon, Ternate, Flores, Ende, Kupang, Atambua, Tobelo, and Wonogiri. The rest came from Wadah’s partner and associate communities from greater Jakarta, Yogyakarta, West Java and Bali, who keen to meet their Eastern Indonesian counterpart.

The conduct of the VEST program hinged on providing a platform for participants to share their stories and experiences and to obtain insights from real-life examples to inform their work and  enhance their effectiveness. The exercises took them away from their comfort zones, building up their confidence, empowering them and enabling them to form networks with colleagues and new friends.  (Wadah Nwsletter/robb)


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