Wadah Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary

On 25 January 2022, Wadah Foundation reached its 14th year of service. An age that is considered neither young nor old. On its 14th year, Wadah, as an organization aims to be more definitive in its objectives. With its vision of “creating an empowered and dignified society” that is realized through a holistic blend of programs in education, health and economic development, Wadah remains focused on capacity building of human resources.

Kicking off its 14th year, Wadah Foundation heralded the start of a new era by appointing millennials as part of its Board of Advisors – Albertus Sophan Ajie, S.S, MHum and Sitie Indrawati Djojohadikusumo, BA, MA, together with Ratmiwiyanti, S. Psi, M. Psi and Mrs. Retnaning Tyas – preceded by Mrs. Dewi Djarot, Mrs. Adila Suwarmo and Mrs. Tuti Mashuri, whose terms as advisors ended this 2022. The introduction of the new Board of Advisors was conducted along with the celebration of Wadah Foundation’s 14th Anniversary which serves as a sign that Wadah is ready to face the changing times.

Mr. Hashim S. Djojohadikusumo was also present at the simple celebration commemorating Wadah Foundation’s anniversary which was held on 31 January 2022. He expressed his appreciation to the Wadah Management that at its tender age of 14, it has already succeeded in collaborating with several organizations at the international and national levels. This included its latest collaboration with the Regency of Nagekeo for the Solar Electrification Program whose Regent, together with his wife, was present to attend Wadah’s anniversary celebration.

The Solar Electrification Program, which has been an ongoing collaboration between Wadah Foundation and Barefoot College – India, has been going strong for almost ten (10) years, spanning multiple locations in Sikka, Alor, South Central Timor and with the latest one in Nagekeo, East Nusa Tenggara. Collaboration is important now and even more so in the future, because it is through collaborations that social services can reach more people. Mr. Hashim, as the Chairman of Wadah’s Board of Trustees, believes that under the leadership of Mrs. Anie, who diligently accompanies the organization, Wadah will make a breakthrough in its management and services to the communities until its aspiration of “Wadah Excellence in 2030” would be achieved.


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