Dealing With COVID-19: Improving Family Resilience Through Food Security

The Pandemic Covid-19 Virus continues to spread in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. This outbreak has a broad impact, may it be in terms of trade, investment and even tourism. Moreover, there is also the possibility of causing a serious impact on food security.

Maintaining Physical Distance

Recognizing the grave threat of the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, the Government took steps to prevent it and urged people to maintain physical distance by working, studying and worshiping at home. It is hoped that this action will prevent the spread of Covid-19 transmission. Nevertheless, this method is not without any risk. The negative impact on the community affects everyone – workers on a daily/weekly wage system, for example, street vendors (asongan), food peddlers; middle wage earners, as well as businesses and employers who have many employees.

Building Family Resilience through Food Security In early March 2020, when the spread of the Covid-19 Virus had not yet massively spread in Indonesia, Ibu Anie, as the President of the Wadah Foundation, instructed the Wadah team members – from the head office to the field – to promote family resilience through food security. 

Family resilience begins with the focus on improving the quality of each family member of the Wadah community to become strong-spirited by fostering enthusiasm and creativity so that they can be a solution to the problems faced by their society. The clean and healthy practices that have long been promoted in the Wadah community, now more than ever, require more consistent implementation like using masks when leaving the house, practising proper hand washing techniques as advised by health professionals, not touching the oral cavity, nose, and eyes as well as observing proper coughing & sneezing etiquette. It is time for the Values of Wadah – Belief in God, Sincerity, Kinship, Humility, Togetherness and Diversity – to be realized in our everyday lives as we face the worsening conditions brought about by the Covid-19 Virus.

Household Food Security

Answering the food problem amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, Wadah Foundation focused on Household Food Security. Ibu Anie urged all families and Wadah communities to start utilizing existing land, or open spaces to grow vegetables, fruit, and tubers so that during times of famine, the community would have sufficient food supply. The practice of maturing plants in the urban areas, of course, would be different from the practice in the countryside. In rural areas, there is still ample land that can be utilized, whereas in the city, potting media or hydroponic planting system may be implemented.

In addition to planting, storage of rainwater is also encouraged so that when the dry season arrives, the community would still have a supply of water for their everyday needs. In some locations assisted by Wadah Foundation, the activity of growing food crops has been carried out. The story from the Wadah community in Bogor, is not much different from the story from Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul, Lombok, Maumere, Atambua, Ambon to Ternate. What has been done must be sustained and maintained so that household food supplies are sustainable. It is expected that good habits in this community can be transposed to the wider community.

Wadah Foundation, which was born from the deep concern for the conditions of small and marginalized communities, was very worried and paid close attention to the worst risks they would face due to the eruption of the deadly virus. Covid-19 does not discriminate depending on the economic and social level of the society. All levels of society are susceptible to its negative impact and like a domino effect, basic needs will become the largest problem for marginalized communities.

Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The Covid-19 pandemic certainly does not merely bring horror stories. After all, every dark cloud has a silver lining. Through this pandemic, God provides lessons and training so that we, as members of the community, must always be ready and creative in dealing with various situations and conditions that arise. Wadah Foundation, as one of the organizations established to realize empowered and dignified individuals and communities, plays an important part in preparing individuals who are trained, skilled and trusted in their fields, especially in dealing with Covid-19 Pandemic.


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