“Celebration of Life” Celebrating Life With A Spirit of Collaboration Through The “Wadah Universal Education Initiative” Platform

Wadah Titian Harapan Foundation launched the “Wadah Universal Education Initiative” (WUEI) at the “A Celebration of Life” event placed in the Raffles Hotel Bali, on August 19, 2023. An event that primarily commemorates the birthday of the founder and chairman of the Wadah Foundation, Ibu Anie Hashim Djojohadikusumo, who is also the initiator of the Wadah Universal Education Initiative. As a rejoice to give thanks for the blessing that she received, Ibu Anie also used this event to invite guests who attended the event to be grateful for life by getting involved in helping other people in need.

This was a good opportunity to introduce the platform and methods used by Wadah to help every individual have outstanding quality and competitive traits in line with current developments. Wadah believes that the key to becoming an outstanding and competitive individual is through “universal” character education so that they are able to access opportunities or create opportunities in various fields according to their potential, interests, talents, and abilities. That is why it is called the Wadah Universal Education Initiative.

This initiative was supported by Ibu Anie’s networks, both present, were not present, abroad and within the country. There are 2 pilot projects in two locations, such as the Al Hidayah Community in DKI Jakarta and the Kebun Cengkeh Learning Center in Ambon Maluku which are run with the platform. The target of the program in the Al Hidayah Jakarta community is the youth; meanwhile, at the Ambon Kebun Cengkeh Learning Center, there are 2 programs which are youth camps and the “Sekolah Komunitas” or Community School.  Housewives at the hamlet level as well as fathers who want to learn and be part of this program are the participants of “Sekolah Komunitas”.

Within the specified period, these two pilot projects will be monitored and evaluated so that they are able to make an effective contribution to producing outstanding individuals. The pilot projects in Kebun Cengkeh, Ambon and Al-Hidayah Penjaringan choose education and training programs, that not only provide knowledge and soft skills, but also technical skills from competent resources. The education and training program is formed so it suits the needs of the user. For example, training at the Ambon Learning Center is carried out in the form of a workshop to build a mindset about the participants’ life goals and is continued with an incubation program in the form of independent work that is accompanied, directed, developed, guided and supported with the necessary facilities. To answer future needs, the Kebun Cengkeh Learning Center was renovated into a building that supports this training with complete and technological facilities.

Both pilot projects are supported by donors who are friends of Wadah, which are: PT Mitra Stania Prima, PT Sukanda Djaya, Mrs Margaret Njoo, Mr Yap Teak Sing, Yayasan Pendidikan Ciputra, and Mr Hashim Djojohadikusumo. They gave their commitment so that this pilot project could be successful and ultimately become an example for other communities to carry out service activities in the education sector to produce qualified outstanding individuals.

Support is not only provided to the 2 Pilot Projects but also to community leaders selected to represent Wadah’s service sectors in education, health, and economic strengthening; namely Gaudensius Botu, Irma Sakti and Serli Sanam from NTT, Dwi Yuan from DIY, Wiwied and Dede Pendi from West Java, Dahniar Witak or Mama Vivi from Maluku, as well as Wadah’s partners in India and the Philippines. Invited guests who attended provided support by purchasing coupons, and 100% of the sales proceeds were handed over to the driving figures to increase their knowledge capacity, skills, and facilities according to needs analysis.

At this event, Ibu Anie as the initiator and host of the “Celebration of Life”, succeeded in raising support of more than US$135 thousand to be donated to Wadah partners, communities, and community leaders assisted by the Wadah Foundation. The success of this event cannot be separated from the support of The Raffles Hotel-Bali, donors, and event sponsors who provided prizes to the invited guests who attended, namely: Plataran Group, Ayana Group, Segara Village Bali, Mason Elephant Park & ​​Resort, The Place Retreat – Bali, Jenggala Keramik, Echo Nusantara, Bima Pearl, Toraja Melo, Kokoon Silk – Bali, M&M Group, and Friends of Wadah in Bali and Jakarta.

As a commitment, Wadah Foundation will report the progress and results of the support provided by donors that have been received at this Celebration of Life event annually. The results of Wadah’s assistance to 2 Pilot Projects and community leaders carried out using the platform/method of the Universal Education Initiative – by identifying potential, needs and problems, identifying work partners, and developing program concepts that suit community needs will be monitored and evaluated periodically and transparently by Wadah supporters.

Author: Wahyuning Dwi Ndraha

Editor: Yan Ghewa


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