A Celebration of Life

August 19, 2023
Bali, Indonesia

Wadah Titian Harapan Foundation launched the “Wadah Universal Education Initiative” (WUEI) at the “A Celebration of Life” event placed in the Raffles Hotel Bali, on August 19, 2023. An event that primarily commemorates the birthday of the founder and chairman of the Wadah Foundation, Ibu Anie Hashim Djojohadikusumo, who is also the initiator of the Wadah Universal Education Initiative. As a rejoice to give thanks for the blessing that she received, Ibu Anie also used this event to invite guests who attended the event to be grateful for life by getting involved in helping other people in need.

This was a good opportunity to introduce the platform and methods used by Wadah to help every individual have outstanding quality and competitive traits in line with current developments. Wadah believes that the key to becoming an outstanding and competitive individual is through “universal” character education so that they are able to access opportunities or create opportunities in various fields according to their potential, interests, talents, and abilities. That is why it is called the Wadah Universal Education Initiative.

This initiative was supported by Ibu Anie’s networks, both present, were not present, abroad and within the country. There are 2 pilot projects in two locations, such as the Al Hidayah Community in DKI Jakarta and the Kebun Cengkeh Learning Center in Ambon Maluku which are run with the platform. The target of the program in the Al Hidayah Jakarta community is the youth; meanwhile, at the Ambon Kebun Cengkeh Learning Center, there are 2 programs which are youth camps and the “Sekolah Komunitas” or Community School.  Housewives at the hamlet level as well as fathers who want to learn and be part of this program are the participants of “Sekolah Komunitas”.