16 Years Celebrating of Collaboration for Sustainability

January 25, 2024, Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan (Wadah) turns 16 years old. On the occasion of its 16th anniversary celebration, held at Kembang Goela Restaurant, Jakarta, Wadah together with Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusumo (YAD), which is also celebrating its 18th anniversary, invited friends, relations, and representatives of institutions that have provided concrete support to Wadah.

Since the beginning, Wadah’s spirit has been Sharing, Caring, and Giving, with the motto “We grow to serve and we serve so they can grow with us“. In her speech, Mrs. Anie as the Founder and Chairperson of Wadah, together with Mr. Hashim S. Djojohadikusumo, who is the Chairperson of the Trustees, thanked all those who have provided support to Wadah in serving the community. As of its 16th anniversary, Wadah has been able to reach 129,998 beneficiaries in three areas, namely 50,620 in Education, 28,284 in Health and 23,940 beneficiaries in Economic Strengthening. Support is provided through training, mentoring and infrastructure, both buildings, equipments, and business capital as needed.

One of Wadah’s strategies in achieving its goal is to collaborate with various stakeholders. Not only with competent figures both in Indonesia and abroad, collaborations are also carried out with the government both at the village and district levels, as well as regular national and international companies and non-profit organizations. As a member of the Special Consultative Status of UN ECOSOC since 2016, Wadah is committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals which is demonstrated through its work programs. Barefoot College International is one of several international organizations that Wadah partners with in achieving the SDGs. Through the Solar Electricity program run since 2013 until today, more than 1,478 houses in Sikka, Alor, Nagekeo and Koa Village, in South Central Timor District are electrified, impacting more than 21,450 people. They benefit from improved school performance, better road access and economic opportunities that lead to improved welfare.

In line with the government’s program to create superior human resources towards a golden Indonesia, since mid-2023, Wadah has made a breakthrough through the Wadah Universal Education Initiative (WUEI) pilot project by involving various parties in providing support. The pilot was conducted in two locations, namely in the Wadah Al Hidayah community, Penjaringan, North Jakarta and Kebun Cengkeh, in Ambon, which was further deepened by the concept of “Achitecture of Learning” that Wadah obtained during the J-WEL week at MIT in early 2023. Wadah has been a member of the Jamel Word Education Lab (J-WEL), a program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA since 2018. In addition, recently, Wadah and its assisted communities provided an opportunity for students of the Social Welfare Program Study, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia to conduct field practicum. Previously, students at Parahyangan Catholic University, National Islamic University Jakarta and Ambon also had the opportunity to volunteer and learn in Wadah’s assisted communities.

At the end of the event, the President Director of PT ACM Indonesia (ISO 9001 UKAS Management Certification Body in Indonesia), Siti Sofiah expressed her appreciation by giving an ISO 9001:2015 Certificate to Wadah which has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) and has been able to maintain it for three consecutive times since 2017. As a standardization in the Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015 supports organizational governance, especially in measuring achievements so that each department can run programs effectively and efficiently and build trust with Wadah’s partners.

Wadah Foundation is growing for sustainability. In the next 10 years, Wadah sets a target of creating Agents of Change in the community, so that they will become leaders who serve the community with the spirit and motto of Wadah.  With a strategy of collaboration with various parties, Wadah hopes to reach and serve more people in the fields of Education, Health, and Economic Strengthening to realize an empowered and dignified society.

Author: Robby Reppa

Editor: Paula Stela Landowero


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