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Yayasan Wadah Titian Harapan ("WADAH") is a non-profit organization founded on the concerns of a mother towards for the welfare of the nation, especially of the grassroots. The future of a nation lies with them. We hope that through Wadah, they can achieve a better future, building towards future generations that are more resilient, more empowered, and more dignified.

Wadah is an abbreviation of the words ‘Women’ and ‘Hope’ in Indonesian. Wadah has a literal meaning of 'a place;’ however, in practice, it also refers to a broader meaning of ‘a family’ or ‘a community’.

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Our Programs

With the community growth in mind, Wadah conducts various programs and activities in its supported communities.


Education is the foundation in raising awareness to becoming a trained, skilled and trustworthy individual.


Wadah Foundation supports individuals and groups involved in Health Centers and Health Service Centers to help promote awareness in healthy and clean lifestyle as well as to develop skills related to health programs.

Economic Development

Wadah Foundation assists individuals and families to be trained and skilled in managing their own potentials in order for them to become strong, empowered and dignified.


Solar Mamas: Ready To Become Agents of Change

Ten (10) women - Maria Mau, Elisabeth Tuwa, Agustina Bedha, Lidvina Dhaja, Petronela Ngeri, Wigbe....

Upholding Commitment in Realizing Aspirations Towards Becoming Qualified, Proficient, and Accountable Individuals
Miscellaneous 08/09/2022

     Wadah Foundation held its 2022 National Meeting in Panchoran, Ubud, Bali on 1....

Wadah Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary
Miscellaneous 17/02/2022

On 25 January 2022, Wadah Foundation reached its 14th year of service. An age that is considered....

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